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Conseiller en développement économique
Courriel :
Téléphone : 306.566.6000, poste 106

Serge Raoul Wansi 

Conseiller en développement économique
Courriel :
Téléphone : 306.566.6000, poste 113

Young Student Entrepreneur Summer Program


The ÉTÉ-BIZ project was designed to allow young people between the ages of 14 and 25 to start a business during the summer to earn money for the following reasons:  

  1. return to secondary school;
  2. pay for college or university fees to pursue post-secondary education; and
  3. to pursue their business projects in order to make them permanent businesses. 


The CÉCS wants to set up this initiative in order to financially help to future Saskatchewan Francophone entrepreneurs who wish to implement initiatives that allow them to increase their knowledge in the business world and gain invaluable experience for the management of their own future businesses. 

Grants available (3 components: scholarships, workshop and advisory services)  

  1. Student Entrepreneur Bursaries The CÉCS offers to fund up to $1,000 in scholarships per project to young people who wish to start a business during the 2022-2024 summer seasons. These amounts will be invested in the form of a matching investment, i.e., the CÉCS will match the amount that the entrepreneur invests in his or her business project - up to $1000 per project. For example, if a youth decides to buy a $1000 lawnmower and has only $500 to invest, the CÉCS will match the $500 student bursary down payment to finalize the purchase of the product.
  2. Workshop 
    Young entrepreneurs wishing to participate in the ÉTÉ-BIZ program will be required to attend a workshop on starting a business in Saskatchewan, delivered by an Economic Development Advisor from the CÉCS.  This workshop will focus on the elements of the business plan and the steps to follow to start a business.  The workshop must be attended during the first week before the start of the company's activities. 
  3. Consulting Services
    Young students will also benefit from counselling services offered by the CÉCS' Economic Development Advisors.  These services will be offered on a weekly basis and will be delivered individually to each business.  Consulting services can also be delivered more often if the company demonstrates the need or if entrepreneurs request it. 


As mentioned, the total amount of $1000 will be established by PROJECT and not by number of partners in the company.  Whether there are 1 or 2 partners in the company, the maximum amount per company will be limited to $1000. 

Young entrepreneurs will have to demonstrate proof of their personal investments so that the CÉCS can contribute the same amount (matching) to the project. Supporting documents such as order bonds, receipts, offers calls, bank accounts, etc. will also be required to receive the scholarships. 

Head Office

205-1440, 9th Avenue North
Regina (SK) S4R 8B1

Phone: 306.566.6000
Toll Free: 800.670.0879