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Service in French Program


Manager, Community and Entrepreneurial Economic Development
Phone: 306.566.6000, Ext.103

The Conseil économique et coopératif de la Saskatchewan (CÉCS) is helping increase the visibility of French-language services in the province through its "Bienvenue"  signage campaign. Launched in 2013, it aims to encourage the active offer of services in French in Saskatchewan. 


The Bienvenue signage campaign identifies three levels of service in French: 

  • Services available in French at all times 
  • Services available in French on request 
  • Promotional items and documentation in French only 

The campaign showcases free and sustainable signage material in the form of table easels and buttons. It indicates the levels detailed above. 

The tourism sector in Saskatchewan can benefit from this campaign to promote its services and resources in French, regardless of the level of French offered. The proposed signage is an accessible and practical added value for tourist attractions, restaurants, hotels and other busy places in the province. Please do not hesitate to contact CÉCS to benefit from this resource. 


The success of this campaign was reflected in the creation in 2016 of the National Classification of Services in French by the Réseau de développement économique et d’employabilité (RDÉE Canada). The Bienvenue signage campaign inspired the classification that now extends the concept across Canada. It promotes French-speaking tourism. It also informs visitors of the level of services in French that they can receive through all the tourist attractions of the French-speaking Heritage, Culture and Tourism Corridor. 

Head Office

205-1440, 9th Avenue North
Regina (SK) S4R 8B1

Phone: 306.566.6000
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