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Young Canada Works in Both Official Languages (YCWBOL)

Summer Jobs

Prairies and Northern Canada

(Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Nunavut, Northwest Territories, Canada)

Length of employment
  • 6 to 16 weeks
  • 30 to 40 hours per week
  • Students with disabilities may have part-time jobs
  • Work assignments must be between May and September.

Am I eligible for this program?
  • You are eligible if you:
    • are a Canadian citizen, a permanent resident of Canada, or have been granted refugee status in Canada; N.B.: Non-Canadian students who hold a temporary work permit or who are waiting to be granted permanent resident status are not eligible.
    • are legally entitled to work in Canada;
    • will be between 16 and 30 years of age at the start of employment;
    • are willing to commit to the full duration of the work assignment;
    • will not have another full-time job (over 30 hours per week) during the period of the YCW work assignment;
    • have been a full-time student (as defined by your educational institution) during the semester preceding the YCW work assignment;
    • intend to return to full-time studies in the semester following the YCW work assignment;
    • have a working knowledge of both English and French;
    • are willing to work in another region of Canada.

    Preference will be given to students who must travel at least 125 from their permanent residence to their job site.

    Preference will also be given to students who have never participated in a summer job program.

    N.B.: Students with a disability are eligible for part-time positions.

How do I register for the program? All participants must create an account on the YCW website.

Once you are registered, you can apply for vacant positions through your account.

Please note that some employers may ask students to use other methods to submit applications. It is recommended that students read the job postings carefully before applying.

Where are the jobs located? The program creates jobs in many fields across Canada.

For participants travelling more than 125 km for their work assignment, YCW in Both Official Languages will pay the cost of one return trip between the student’s permanent residence and the job site and offers an allowance for housing costs for students who must pay rent. Students must contact the appropriate delivery organization for all travel arrangements.

What salaries are paid? Salaries are competitive and vary from one region to another.

What kinds of jobs are offered? Delivery organizations fund jobs associated with post-secondary education delivered in both official languages. Jobs vary from year to year and from region to region.

When are job posting available and how can I access them? The postings for YCWBOL jobs (summer jobs) are generally available in March.

To access job postings, click here.

Please note that new job postings may be added at a later date. We recommend that you check the job postings regularly.

N.B. Employers may post their jobs elsewhere than on the YCW web site and candidates may be asked to apply in another way. Start your search as soon as possible.

How are participants selected? Employers who have received YCW funding do their own hiring.

Their hiring process must be fair and equitable. For example, there must be an open competition and impartial selection of eligible applicants, and they must respond to applicants in a timely manner.

If I am chosen to participate in the YCW program, what documents will I have to fill out? In addition to the requirements set out for the job, as a participant, you must fill out mandatory reports at the beginning and at the end of your period of employment. Your employer will advise you of each report that must be filled out.

Are there youth employment programs other than YCW? There are a number of other youth employment programs offered under the Government of Canada’s Youth Employment Strategy. Click here to see them.

I have already participated in the YCW program. Can I apply again for a different job? Preference will be given to students who have never participated in the YCW summer job program.

However, there are no restrictions on who can participate in the YCW program.

Questions ? Rooka Ramdin

YCWBOL Coordinator – Prairies and Northern Canada

306 566-6002

1 800 670-0879 p .102


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