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Junior Achievement

Junior Achievement allows students to develop their abilities in various ways, to learn about the business world, and to find out about various entrepreneurial opportunities associated with business. This provides a unique opportunity for young people to broaden their horizons and is a way of encouraging the entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

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Junior Achievement offers in-school and extracurricular programs aimed at enhancing elementary and secondary students’ knowledge of the business world. The programs are flexible and can be adapted to different grade levels based on school needs.

Proven Support System

Volunteers from the community or the business world lead Junior Achievement activities. In this way, students benefit from the experience of volunteers who have an interest in entrepreneurship or who are involved in business. The Junior Achievement organization provides comprehensive support to its volunteers, teachers, and organizers, including teaching materials and training which enable them to answer questions appropriately and help students who encounter problems during the activities.

What is Junior Achievement?

Junior Achievement is a non-profit organization. By combining leadership and a sense of innovation in the business world, Junior Achievement is helping to shape the future of young people through in-school and extracurricular activities.

For more information, visit the Junior Achievement Official Website.

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