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The Conseil économique et coopératif de la Saskatchewan (CÉCS) is currently developing a strategy to optimize the allocation of proper human resources and skills where it is applicable and needed for the better development of Saskatchewan.

Currently, there is a trend where many new people arriving in Saskatchewan, with different expertise and skills, are settling in larger cities like Regina or Saskatoon. This phenomenon appears mostly as a normal situation, except when newly-arrived people are hired directly by a business. However, such a concentration of resources in larger centres tends to penalize efforts to revitalize rural communities, as well as smaller regional cities.

This is the reason why the CÉCS would like to work on a strategy that aims at facilitating a merger between the needs of employers and access to available skilled people, through a facilitation process to relocate these resources outside major centres. This regional strategy could be coupled with a rural community revitalization effort or a regional urban growth approach to optimize results.

To be able to do so, the CÉCS needs to develop partnerships with municipalities and businesses so it can identify the needs of local communities and employers. Through these partnerships, there will be a need to work with the municipalities to identify city/community development priorities and which industries are currently dominating the area. The CÉCS also needs to identify the businesses and employers to contact, to identify their priorities related to upcoming projects, as well as the hiring process.

Collecting this information will allow the CÉCS to develop a socio-economical profile of participating communities. From there, the CÉCS will be able to adjust its employability service so that it can better serve the needs and interests of employers in your region.

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